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In order to access the data and components of the Ethibel Registers and the constituents of the Ethibel Sustainability Index, you must register by completing your profile and, after approval, use the assigned login and password.
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The information you provide to us on this website will only be used for the internal operations of Forum ETHIBEL.Your personal details will never be passed on to third parties.You can retrieve, amend or delete your data at any time. To do so please contact Forum ETHIBEL via or +32 (0)2 206 11 11.

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The data of the Investment Register can be used to gain more insight in the Forum ETHIBEL working methods.
These data may not under any circumstances be used for professional use, of any nature whatsoever, unless explicitly authorised by Forum ETHIBEL.
The Ethibel label is a European collective label and its use is subject to the house rules and the object of an agreement of use and cooperation with Vigeo S.A.
Illegal use of the Ethibel label, the Ethibel Registers and the Ethibel Sustainability Index will be prosecuted.
The entire Ethibel Investment Register can only be accessed by customers or for prospective purposes.