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Title:World Bank sells green bond to Belgian investors
Date of publishing:November 17, 2014
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

World Bank sells green bond to Belgian investors
November 17, 2014

As of November 17th 2014, the World Bank offers Belgian investors a green bond called Green Growth Bond.

This green bond targets investors looking for environmentally conscious investments as the collected funds will be used in order to finance projects that prevent climate change or mitigate its impact. All projects are selected and monitored with care by the World Bank itself.

The return on investment is linked to the Ethical Europe Equity Index. This index contains 30 European stocks from companies that respect specific environmental, social and governance criteria. The final selection is based both on both financial and ethical criteria. The composition of the index is reviewed quarterly. 

Forum ETHIBEL is responsible for the independent monitoring and certification of this index, according to the criteria of Solactive ( More specifically Forum ETHIBEL verifies the conformity of the Index with the non-financial aspects of the rulebook as well as the the due diligence of the Index composition process. The most recent Forum ETHIBEL certificate can be found on the following page: Audit and certification - all cases

Subscribing to the Green Growth bond is possible at serveral Belgian banks. Subscription is open till 29 December 2014. For more information, please visit the following website: