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Title:Responsible banking and investing
Date of publishing:July 17, 2014
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Responsible banking and investing
July 17, 2014


Van Lanschot has received a new Forum ETHIBEL certificate for the financial year 2013. By awarding this third annual certificate Forum ETHIBEL confirms that the bank has a responsible corporate policy in place and that it applies its own principles on responsible banking with regard to the management of the entrusted funds. These principles apply both to its investment policy as on its lending activities.

Forum ETHIBEL concluded that Van Lanschot Bankiers made thorough structural efforts to reinforce the organisation of its responsible corporate policy as well as to improve its policy documents and manuals. Its in-depth an detailed reporting is excellent, including the results (whether or not realised) of the stated objectives. For its third year of corporate responsibility this is perceived as an excellent performance.

Our audits lead to the estimation that 95,4% of all assets on the balance sheet have been screened by VLB, thereby exceeding the estimated screenable maximum of 95%.

Kempen Capital Management (KCM) equally received a new Forum ETHIBEL certificate for the second year in a row. KCM is the department that is responsible for investment advice and asset management within the investment bank Kempen & Co, a subsidiary of Van Lanschot. Van Lanschot works closely with KCM for its investment services.

Forum ETHIBEL ascertained that Van Lanschot Bankiers and Kempen Capital Management have strictly applied their responsible investment policy in 2013. In addition, structural efforts were made to further strengthen the organisation's responsible investment policy, which have shown clear results. The monitoring and reporting equally proceeded in accordance with the predetermined guidelines.

On the level of the Van Lanschot Group (VLB + KCM) 66% of the total assets were screened. This is a major improvement compared to 2012, when 48% of the total volume was screened.

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