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Title:Exclusionary & controversial criteria
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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Exclusionary & controversial criteria

Forum ETHIBEL does not only include six positive assessment domains and 38 positive selection criteria. We equally apply exclusion criteria on the basis of which a company may be excluded from the Investment Register, depending on the level of involvement of the company in the concerned controversial products or activities. 

The controversial products and activities are: alcohol, animal welfare, armaments, fossil fuels, gambling, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), hazardous chemicals, nuclear energy, sex industry, and tobacco.

These policies contain controversial products and activities that require either exclusion (exclusionary criteria) or  prudence and caution (controversial criteria) when assessing companies, countries or supranational institutions.

In addition, serious violations of human rights and labour rights, corruption, environmental offences, and the failure to comply with national and international laws and regulations can lead to exclusion. Forum ETHIBEL applies detailed procedures and standards to determine the level and nature of involvement of a company. 

For ten products and activities leading to a possible exclusion, the definitions and thresholds are publicly available.


Controversial products and acitivies that require exclusion (exclusionary criteria):

Controversial products and activities that require prudence and caution (controversial criteria):


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