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Title:Wereldsparen and Solidariteitssparen
Date of publishing:March 02, 2012
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Wereldsparen and Solidariteitssparen
March 02, 2012

Forum ETHIBEL has finalised its yearly controls over Solidariteitssparen and Wereldsparen, two programs of VDK Spaarbank. Both projects have withstood the tests and have been granted the Forum ETHIBEL certificate. This recognition proves that VDK Spaarbank has respected the self-imposed rules of the game regarding the investment of its saving money. The certificate has been awarded for the year 2011.

Solidariteitssparen implies that VDK Spaarbank engages itself to reinvest the saving volumes, gathered through its partnerships with Hefboom and Welzijnszorg, in shares and projects of Hefboom cvba. The remaining reinvestments take place within the following sectors: the social economy, sustainable and ecological entrepreneurship, the peace movement and human rights organisations, wellbeing, culture, health, education and social housing.

Wereldsparen on its turn is an ethical and sustainable reinvestment program, started in 2003 and built on the savings resulting from the partnership between VDK Spaarbank and Trias, Wereldsolidariteit, CPP-Incofin and Broederlijk Delen. Wereldsparen aims, as a matter of priority, on reinvestments in micro-credits and in microfinance institutions in the South.

We wish VDK Spaarbank and its partners a lot of success in their ongoing efforts towards sustainable savings.

Consult the certificates: Solidariteitssparen and Wereldsparen

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