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Title:Optimabank: re-investment of loan capital
Date of publishing:February 26, 2014
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Optimabank: re-investment of loan capital
February 26, 2014



When taking over Ethias Bank, Optima Bank was well aware that it took in the legacy of a pioneer in the 'ethical banking. After the acquisition, the balance sheet of the bank was structurally simplified and socio-ethical criteria remained. 

in 2012, Forum ETHIBEL was charged by Optima Bank to conduct an annual independent audit of its compliance with social and ethical criteria regarding the re-investment of the bank's entire loan capital. When considering the reinvestment of the entrusted funds in loans, Forum ETHIBEL confirms that Optima Bank proceeded entirely and exclusively within the predetermined target groups and instruments. 

Thus, the customer group "collectivities" genuinely only consists of the (para)public sector; non-profit organizations and businesses/projects operating in the social economy; as a patrimony company or as an association of co-owners; as a liberal profession; or in the field of environmental protection. On the other hand the customer group "private individuals" is only granted the following types of loans: consumer credit; mortgage credit facilities; authorized overdraft on current accounts; credit limits.

Moreover, it's prohibited to grant loans to companies or other entities involved in the production of or trade in arms; human rights violations or violations of ILO standards; pornography; prostitution; incitement to hatred or discrimination; and animal testing.

The investment portfolio is not covered by the ETHIBEL certificate.


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