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Title:Opnieuw & Co: social audit report 2013
Date of publishing:December 15, 2014
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Opnieuw & Co: social audit report 2013
December 15, 2014

Since 18 years the reuse centre Opnieuw & Co recovers reusable goods that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Besides reducing waste and stimulating reuse, Opnieuw & Co wants to create jobs for low-skilled workers and long-term unemployed. In order to get a clear picture of its social, ecological and societal impact, Opnieuw & Co conducts a social audit on a regular basis.

As in previous years, Forum ETHIBEL was appointed to carry out an independent audit of their eleventh social audit report, covering the year 2013. After verification, we conclude that this report gives a true and fair picture of the realisation of the social objectives of Opnieuw & Co in 2013.

There is clear evidence of a participatory environment resulting from consultations with trade unions and the direct participation of employees. The ambition to introduce an annual appraisal- and evaluation interviews has now been fulfilled for 92% of the people involved, which is a substantial progress compared to 2012 (32%). Moreover, the biennial staff survey showed the highest average score ever: 3.23 on a ‘satisfaction scale’ of 1 to 4.

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