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Title:Also government bonds
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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Also government bonds

Forum ETHIBEL does not only analyse companies.We also assess government bonds to see whether these are eligible for the Investment Register.This assessment is also – just like is the case for the assessment method for companies – based on international standards and conventions.

More specifically, we use the Vigeo Eiris analysis model 'Sustainable Country Rating' which collects and calibrates scores of more than 160 governments.This assessment is based on more than 120 performance and risk indicators, classified in three groups:

  1. Protection of the environment
  2. State of Law and Governance (INS)
  3. Measures related to social security and solidarity.

In addition to the analysis model Forum ETHIBEL adds a post selection based on the performance with regard to human rights.The following criteria are assessed:

  1. Presence in the list of ‘Free Countries’
  2. Involvement in wars or serious crises
  3. Involvement in serious violations of human rights, including illegal executions, death sentences, torture and inhuman treatment, unfair legal proceedings.
  4. Violation of labour rights.


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