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Title:New World Bank Green Growth Bond linked to Ethical Europe Equity Index
Date of publishing:June 24, 2015
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New World Bank Green Growth Bond linked to Ethical Europe Equity Index
June 24, 2015

End May the World Bank issued its first equity-linked green bond for retail investors in the United States. This Green Growth Bond is linked to the Ethical Europe Equity Index, an ethical index consisting of 30 European stocks selected on the basis of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance while taking into account financial criteria.

The Ethical Europe Equity (EEE) index is audited and certified by Forum ETHIBEL, meaning that it verifies the conformity of the index with the non-financial aspects of the index rulebook as well as the due diligence of the index composition process. The index composition is reviewed quarterly, resulting each time in an updated certificate.

End 2014 the World Bank issued its first US dollar denominated green bond linked to the EEE Index for retail investor in Belgium and Luxembourg, which was a success with a total subscription amount of USD 91 million. In the meantime more issuances have followed of green bonds linked to the performance of the EEE Index, known as World Bank Green Growth Bonds. Recently, the total issue amount of these Green Growth Bonds exceeded USD 500 million in total notional outstanding.

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