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Title:New fund with Ethibel Excellence Label at Argenta
Date of publishing:November 13, 2014
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

New fund with Ethibel Excellence Label at Argenta
November 13, 2014


Argenta recently started distributing a third fund carrying the Ethibel label. As of now the Argenta-Fund 'Government Fund' (Fonds d'État) will invest in accordance with the Ethibel Excellence investment universe, just as the Argenta funds 'Responsible Growth Fund' and 'Responsible Growth Fund Defensive'.

Accordingly, the Government Fund wil invest in bonds from countries that are included in the Ethibel Excellence universe. This way, the fund guarantees that it wil only include government bonds issued by countries that meet the strict Ethibel selection criteria in terms of environmental protection, rule of law and good governance, social secury and solidarity as well as human rights. Forum Ethibel audits the composition of the fund on a reguler basis in order to verify its compliance with the requirements of the Excellence label.

By adding this third Ethibel labelled fund, Argenta-Fund now offers inviduals three sustainable funds. By bleding these three funds, the bank can service a wide range of sustainable Investors with different risk profiles. 

More information can be found here.