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Title:New certificate for CompenCO2's carbon compensation
Date of publishing:September 11, 2015
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

New certificate for CompenCO2's carbon compensation
September 11, 2015

Forum ETHIBEL has recertified the CO2 compensation programme of CompenCO2. The new certificate covers both financial and substantive aspects. It confirms that the collected funds have been put to correct use in order to compensate for the submitted tonnes of CO2 emissions. The exactness and veracity of the proclaimed CO2 neutrality of specified companies, projects and individuals is guaranteed as such.

The destination of the donations that have been received was carried oud in accordance with CompenCO2’s commitment. A remaining sum of € 1.379 still needs to be destined though. The administrative costs were equally in line with the guidelines established by CompenCO2.

The new Forum ETHIBEL  certificate covers the period going from 2011 up to and including 2014. During this period a total of 939,51 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been compensated by means of investments in Catalca, a wind farm in Turkey.

Beginning 2015 CompenCO2 ceased activity as the organisation's pioneering role has been completed.

Read the certificate (in Dutch)

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