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Title:New certificate for VDK’s savings account SpaarPlus
Date of publishing:March 11, 2015
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

New certificate for VDK’s savings account SpaarPlus
March 11, 2015

For the second consecutive year, the savings account SpaarPlus Rekening of VDK Spaarbank has been awarded a Forum ETHIBEL certificate. With this new certificate Forum ETHIBEL confirms that VDK has fully complied with the predefined social and ethical criteria, as well as transparency requirements, when reinvesting the total amount of deposits on the SpaarPlus Rekening.

SpaarPlus Rekening is a regulated ethical and sustainable savings account that reinvests all of the collected savings in sustainable initiatives. In addition, VDK entered into a structural partnership forthis savings account with the following 7 partner organisations who are all characterised by a strong social and societal commitment, each in their own way: Trias, Wereldsolidariteit, Incofin, Broederlijk Delen, Hefboom, Welzijnszorg and FairFin. They all share an annual commission on the total amount of savings collected savings on the SpaarPlus Rekening.  

Our audit covering 2014 indicated that, end 2014, a total of 29.185 people owned a SpaarPlus Rekening. Over the past year, the combined deposits of all these individual savers were mainly redirected to microfinance and extending loans to social housing projects, education and healthcare. A detailed list of the reinvestments can be found in the certificate.

During the audit, Forum ETHIBEL concluded that the ethical reinvestments throughout 2014 were executed in full conformity with the agreement between VDK Spaarbank and its partner organisations.

Read the certificate of the SpaarPlus savings account (in Dutch)

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