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Title:For NGO's
Date of publishing:August 10, 2011
Category:Other content
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

For NGO's

Contact with NGOs is vital for Forum ETHIBEL because that is how we keep the debate alive with regard to several social topics, such as fair North-South relations, human rights, the environment, peace and armament.

We like to consult with you about your insights and thoughts. This allows Forum ETHIBEL to continuously keep the criteria for ethical investing in line with changing situations and new developments.

Please contact us at or +32 (0)2 206 11 11.

Forum Ethibel makes the SRI and CSR expertise available to NGOs which want to call on us for:

Audits and certification of financial products

  • Audits on the ethical aspects of investments
  • Audits of treasury or investment portfolios (zero-audit and annual re-evaluations); audits with regard to making portfolios more sustainable or greener; checking whether investments meet the NGO’s own mission
  • Evaluation of the sustainability quality of the products offered by your banker.

Cases and certification overview


Audits and certification of non-financial products

  • Checking the quality of social audit reports
  • Annual control and certification of NGOs’ ethical codes of conduct.

Cases and certification overview


Research and advice

  • Advice about the acceptability of sponsors in relation to the objectives of the NGO
  • Advice about transparency and reporting and social audits
  • Preparing auditable codes of conduct and principles of corporate governance
  • Development of codes of conduct for good cooperation in the public-private sector or for projects between NGOs and private partners.

Research and advice services for companies and financial institutions


Statistics and trends

Annual statistics and trend analysis with regard to sustainable savings and investments, while paying attention to the quality of the content and the partnerships with NGOs.

Statistics and trends services for companies and financial institutions