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Title:Newsletter October 2015
Date of publishing:October 22, 2015

Newsletter October 2015
October 22, 2015


Read the latest news related to the Forum Ethibel Certifications, the Ethibel products and services as well as SRI linked publications and miscellanea. Visit our website's news section for Dutch and French versions of most items. 



Fourth annual certificate for responsible banking activities of Van Lanschot Bankiers
Forum ETHIBEL executed its annual audit of the compliance of Van Lanschot Bankiers with its own policies and guidelines on Corporate Responsibility. The fourth annual certificate describes to what extent the entrusted funds are managed in accordance with its own responsible banking principles. The scope of the audit includes the management of its savings, lending as well as investment policies.  Read more
Responsible investing by Van Lanschot and Kempen Capital Management
For the third consecutive year Forum ETHIBEL has audited the extent to which Van Lanschot manages its in-house funds and all other entrusted funds in accordance with its own responsible investment policies. Van Lanschot works closely with subsidiary Kempen & Co, a specialist investment bank and asset manager. Within Kempen & Co, Kempen Capital Management (KCM) is responsible for investment advice and asset management. The actual audit therefore covers the latter. Read more
New certificate for CompenCO2's carbon compensation
Forum ETHIBEL has recertified the CO2 compensation programme of CompenCO2. The new certificate covers both financial and substantive aspects. It confirms that the collected funds have been put to correct use in order to compensate for the submitted tonnes of CO2 emissions. The exactness and veracity of the proclaimed CO2 neutrality of specified companies, projects and individuals is guaranteed as such. Read more
BNP Paribas launches new SRI Note certified by Forum ETHIBEL
BNP Paribas Fortis Funding, “BP2F” in abbreviated form, launches a new structured note called BP2F SRI Social Business Note 2023. With this innovative product BNP Paribas Fortis undertakes to reinvest the full invested amount by means of loans to or participations in social enterprises. Forum ETHIBEL has been appointed to verify and certify the conformity of these reinvestments. Read more
The societal goals of Opnieuw & Co
For 19 years now the reuse centre Opnieuw & Co is active in the recovery of reusable goods. Being a social enterprise its activities do not focus on financial returns, but all the more on the societal return. In order to get a clear picture of its social, ecological and societal impact, Opnieuw & Co conducts a social audit on a yearly basis. Forum ETHIBEL was appointed to carry out an independent audit of their twelfth social audit report, covering 2014.  Read more

  Ethibel products and services

Changes to the Investment Register

Since the publication of our last newsletter one Register Committee meeting took place during which the following sectors were assessed:
  • Europe: Oil Equipment & Services, Luxury Goods & Cosmetics, Forest Products & Paper, Mining & Metals
  • Asia-Pacific: Beverage, Automobiles
  • North-America: Specialised Retail, Technology Hardware, Forest Products & Paper
Resulting from these assessments, six companies were removed from the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register based on their overall CSR performance. One company was removed for technical reasons. On the other hand seven new companies were added given their performance above sector average. 
Today the Ethibel EXCELLENCE investment register contains 343 listed companies and 525 bond issuers. The detailed selection of stocks is available, for non-commercial purposes only, on our website (Registration required).
Half-yearly review of the Ethibel Sustainability Indices (ESI)

On September 4th 2015 the ESI Committee carried out its half-yearly review of the index components of both the ESI Excellence Europe and the ESI Excellence Global. At this review shares of companies that are no longer listed in the Ethibel investment registers, no longer included in the reference indices or do not fulfill market capitalisation requirements, are withdrawn from the index. On the other hand new companies are selected for inclusion. All changes have become effective on Monday September 21stRead more
No room for Volkswagen in ethical investment universe

Given the severity of the controversy concerning Volkswagen, the Board of Directors of Forum Ethibel, following the advice of the Register Committee, has decided to immediately remove the German car manufacturer from the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register. This investment register selects the best performing companies within each industry with regard to environmental, social and governance aspects. Following recent revelations Volkswagen no longer qualifies for this selection. Read more

Press and Publications

Vigeo and EIRIS announce merger
Forum ETHIBEL's ESG research partner Vigeo, which is headquartered in Paris, has recently announced the merger with the UK based ESG research agency EIRIS. Both companies have tied up in a deal where the EIRIS Foundation, which owns EIRIS, will take 20% of the equity of the combined company named Vigeo-EIRIS. Vigeo has raised € 6.3 million in new capital to part finance the EIRIS acquisition and fund future Vigeo-EIRIS expansion. Read more
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bnk perspective on banking
Investing for a better world - Perspectives on banking
Herwig Peeters, General Director of Forum ETHIBEL took part in a discussion panel on responsible investing organised by Mediafin/De Tijd/L'Echo. The full article resulting from this discussion can be consulted on the cross-media content platform that was created by BNP Paribas Fortis in cooperation with Tijd/Echo Connect. Visit the web pages BN K or BN Q to read the Dutch or French version of this article.
Responsibility in the supply chain: conflict-free minerals
In its most recent sustainability focus Vigeo analyses the approach of companies in the Automobile and the Technology Hardware sector on conflict-minerals. Minerals are often an essential component of their products, however, many of them are located in conflict zones which, in certain cases, are characterized by areas of lawlessness. Read more
The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment

The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment provides an atlas of current practice in the field of responsible investment. With a large global team of expert contributors, the book explores the impact of responsible investment on key financial actors ranging from mainstream asset managers to religious organizations. The chapter ‘Responsible Investment in Belgium’ was written by Forum ETHIBEL’s general director Herwig Peeters in collaboration with Céline Louche and Luc Van Liedekerke, two members of Forum ETHIBEL’s Register Committee. Read more


Stock Market Learning Competition 2015
On October 7th this year’s Stock Market Learning (SML) Competition took a start. As in previous years the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Global serves as the basis for the sustainability analysis within the competition. SML – or Planspiel Börse – is an online competition, run by the saving banks in Europe, giving students the opportunity of taking their first virtual steps in the investment community. They do so by investing a virtual amount of money in a selection of shares, following share prices on real stock exchanges. Read more