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Title:Newsletter July 2015
Date of publishing:July 03, 2015

Newsletter July 2015
July 03, 2015

May - June - July 2015

Read the latest news related to the Forum Ethibel Certifications, the Ethibel products and services as well as SRI linked publications and miscellanea. Visit our website's news section for Dutch and French versions of most items. 

  The Annual Report is out now

(Dutch and French version available)


Collective certificates for structured products covering 2014   

In 2013 and 2014 Forum ETHIBEL has awarded several certificates to structured products issued by BNP Paribas, AG Insurance and SecurAsset. These products are subject to an annual audit by Forum ETHIBEL in order to confirm whether the reinvestments during the past year were carried out in accordance with the products’ ethical and societal profiles. The collective certificates describe the reservation of the total deposits among different categories.  Read more
The BGL BNP Paribas Autocallable SRI Note 2020: audit and certification by Forum ETHIBEL

The Luxembourg based bank BGL BNP Paribas, issued a structured note called the BGL BNP Paribas Autocallable SRI Note 2020, which is verified and certified by Forum ETHIBEL. Both the index to which the return on investment is linked and the reinvestment according to predefined socio-ethical criteria are audited and certified by Forum ETHIBEL. Consequently, the investment is covered 100% by socio-ethical criteria. Read more
New World Bank Green Growth Bond linked to the Ethical Europe Equity Index
End May the World Bank issued its first equity-linked green bond for retail investors in the United States. This Green Growth Bond is linked to the Ethical Europe Equity Index, an ethical index consisting of 30 European stocks selected on the basis of their ESG performance while taking into account financial criteria. The index is audited and certified by Forum ETHIBEL, meaning that the conformity of the index with the non-financial aspects of the index rulebook is verified as well as the due diligence of the index composition process. Read more

  Ethibel products and services

Changes to the Investment Register  

Since the publication of our last newsletter one Register Committee meeting took place during which the following sectors were assessed:
  • Europe: Retail & Specialised Banks, Specialised Retail
  • Asia-Pacific: Electric Components and Equipment, Home Construction, Industrial Goods & Services, Luxury Goods & Cosmetics, Supermarkets AP
  • North-America: Electric and Gas Utilities
Resulting from these assessments, four companies were removed from the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register based on their overall CSR performance. Two other companies were removed for technical reasons. On the other hand four new companies were added given their performance above sector average. 
Today the Ethibel EXCELLENCE investment register contains 344 listed companies and 532 bond issuers. The detailed selection of stocks is available, for non-commercial purposes only, on our website (Registration required).
ETHIBEL Encounter on exclusion criteria
Earlier this year Forum ETHIBEL started its evaluation of the criteria on the basis of which companies can be excluded from the Ethibel Investment Register. It is currently in the proces of reviewing the existing exclusion criteria and the development of new ones. Forum ETHIBEL develops an active dialogue with experts from the academic world, business and NGOs, to define these criteria. In this context, a first prospective consultation round, called the ETHIBEL Encounter, was set up late May in order to discuss GMOs and land grabbing.
Read more.
Updated ratings for the European Food sector: Nestlé included in the investment register

The European food sector was recently screened and rated in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance. In total, 17 companies were screened and four of them were found eligible for the Ethibel register. Three companies were reconfirmed in the register:  Danone, Unilever PLC and Unilever NV. Nestlé is a newcomer added to the Ethibel register. Read more


The cost of CSR misconduct
In its most recent study, Vigeo analyses the occurrence and costs of legal sanctions related to CSR issues. The analysis observes more than 2.500 companies and their incurred sanctions between 2012 and 2013. During this period, almost 20% of the analysed companies were subject to sanctions for CSR-related offences. The total costs for the companies, be it judicial convictions, administrative sanctions or settlements, totalled 95.5 billion euro. Read more
Major banks face increased costs for legal penalties and provisions  

According to the British research organisation CCP Research Foundation, the costs of legal penalties and provisions for the misconduct of 16 major banks, in the period 2010-2014, totaled 205 billion pound. This represents a sharp increase compared to the period 2009-2013 (173 billion) and 2008-2012 (158 billion). Read more


Forum ETHIBEL joins the UN Global Compact 
Forum ETHIBEL recently joined the  United Nations Global Compact, the voluntary initiative on corporate responsibility and sustainability. By participating, Forum ETHIBEL officially expresses its commitment towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) which is deeply rooted within the organisation. Read more
Forum ETHIBEL at the Global Ethics Forum In Genève  

Forum ETHIBEL was invited to facilitate a workshop on socially responsible investing (SRI) at the Global Ethics Forum in Genève, an annual meeting organised by This year’s Global Ethics Forum focused on ‘responsible leadership’ and ‘the value of values’. The central question Forum ETHIBEL’s workshop was ‘how can value-driven responsible investment be improved?’. Read more