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Date of publishing:May 02, 2011
Category:Other content
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Climate Change and fossil fuel divestment

At the request of The Shift, Forum ETHIBEL carried out a study on climate change and divestment in the fossil industry. The aim of the study is to provide a tool for institutional investors who want to actively contribute to sustainable financial management. 

Call to action!

On behalf of The Shift, Forum Ethibel conducted a study on the issue of climate change and (dis)investing in the fossil fuel industry.Together with asset owners, the Shift and Forum Ethibel want to take a next step.

We’ll start a Learning Network to actively contribute to sustainable financial management. Between December 2017 and June 2018 we want to share, in a confidential setting, experiences about divesting. The purpose is to share know-how and adapt portfolios towards a carbon free society.

Do you want to participate? More information:

Ethibel funds ... investments with respect for people and nature

An Ethibel label fund only invests in shares of companies with a high CSR score. It comes down to keeping the balance between economic progress, environmental protection and social responsibility.

How sustainable are sustainable investments?

Is your investment sustainable because you do not have shares in companies which produce weapons or are involved in nuclear energy? Maybe so, maybe not. Also other questions can be asked like how is the staff treated and how do they use raw materials?

Ethibel labels accelerate CSR

Forum ETHIBEL only allows shares of companies with a high CSR score at all levels. It allows us to encourage the business world to make serious work of corporate social responsibility. And not to aim for quick returns at the expense of people and the environment.

Your CSR ambitions are confirmed by Forum ETHIBEL

Our certifications and audits: indispensable instruments for companies who are dedicated to corporate governance and transparent entrepreneurship.

Certified by ARISTA

The Forum ETHIBEL methodology meets the requirements of the ARISTA Quality Standard.

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