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Title:How is the Investment Register composed? Schematic overview
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Date of archiving:October 06, 2011
Category:Other content
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How is the Investment Register composed? Schematic overview

Search companies

Forum ETHIBEL looks for listed companies in all regions and industries which are eligible for inclusion in the Investment Register.


Vigeo Eiris assesses the proposed companies based on the Forum ETHIBEL specifications and prepares a report about the assessment, for each company individually and for the entire industry.Vigeo Eiris also delivers benchmarks (scores which compare the performance of companies)

Advice for inclusion or removal

The Forum ETHIBEL Register Committee assigns ratings from A to E on the basis of which shares and bonds can be included in the Investment Register.

Inclusion or removal

On the basis of this advice the Forum ETHIBEL Board of Directors decides which companies are included for the first time, which companies are removed and the inclusion of which companies is reconfirmed.


Every company in the Investment Register is closely monitored.A thorough revision takes place every 18 months.If it turns out the company no longer meets the criteria, it will be removed.
A screening of controversies is also conducted on a daily basis.

Communication about inclusion or removal

The company is notified about inclusion or removal from the Investment Register.
The fund managers are notified of every update.
All updates can be accessed by everyone via the website.

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