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Title:How does a listed company end up in the Investment Register?
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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How does a listed company end up in the Investment Register?

Whether a company is selected for an investigation for inclusion in the Investment Register largely depends on technical elements (such as market capitalisation and inclusion in reference indexes). It is also possible that financial institutions who are customers of Forum ETHIBEL request that a company is investigated.

Only if the investigation demonstrates that the company scores above average on all domains of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and if this company is not involved in serious controversies a rating which can give access to the Investment Register may be granted.

All the companies in the Investment Register are regularly subjected to an in-depth revision (for equity, every 18 months). The rating will be reconsidered on the basis thereof. Therefore, a company may be excluded from the Investment Register after a revision, if it turns out that the CSR score is no longer responsible.

The company in question is informed about every decision with regard to the Investment Register (inclusion, exclusion or reconfirmation of inclusion).


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