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Title:Evaluated domains and evaluation criteria
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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Evaluated domains and evaluation criteria

Based on the selected international standards 38 challenges or action points are formulated for companies (a kind of to-do list for corporate social responsibility).For example:“Exclude all forms of corruption and conflict of interests” or “Inform and consult employees” or “Promote the efficient use of raw materials”.

These challenges or actions points result in 38 positive evaluation criteria classified under 6 domains, which cover all aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR).The 6 domains also represent each of the interest of a group of stakeholders:employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers, the local community and the environment.The 6 domains are:

  1. Human resources
  2. Environment
  3. Business behaviour
  4. Corporate governance
  5. Community involvement
  6. Human rights


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