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Title:Forum ETHIBEL goes veggie with Dagen zonder Vlees
Date of publishing:February 11, 2016
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Forum ETHIBEL goes veggie with Dagen zonder Vlees
February 11, 2016

Vegetarian, flexitarian, climatarian, or just no meat on Thursdays?

How far you want to take this challenge, is entirely up to you. But the benefits of a lowered meat consumption for both people and planet are beyond dispute, which is why Forum ETHIBEL is so eager to go veggie for forty days. Less meat means less deforestations, less animal suffering and less arteriosclerosis. A win-win for everyone; we can only encourage that.

Besides, Forum ETHIBEL is quite lucky have some very veggie-minded neighbours in ELAN, a social restaurant with deliciously creative vegetarian dishes. Not so much of a challenge, actually, this meat-free month and a half.

We wish all participants good luck and, who knows, a changed mindset when it comes to eating vegetarian!

Image (c) Dagen Zonder Vlees