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Title:SpaarPlus savings account of VDK Spaarbank
Date of publishing:February 26, 2014
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

SpaarPlus savings account of VDK Spaarbank
February 26, 2014

For the first year Forum ETHIBEL has audited the SpaarPlus Rekening of VDK Spaarbank. This ethical en sustainable savings account was launched on July, 1st 2013 as a replacment of the former "Wereldsparen" and "Solidariteitssparen" programmes, which were equally audited and certificed by Forum ETHIBEL.

Through this sustainable savings account VDK has formed a structural partnership with Trias asbl, Wereldsolidariteit asbl, Incofin cvso, Broederlijk Delen asbl, Hefboom asbl, Welzijnszorg asbl and Fairfin asbl. These organizations are operating each in their specific way in one of the following areas: development cooperation, social movement, microfinance, social economy, poverty reduction and the sustainable approach to money.

For the SpaarPlus savings account VDK commits itself to fully reinvest the total amount of savings obtained through the above mentioned structural partnerships, in a socio-ethical manner. VDK does so by means of loans to or investments (bonds or equity investments) in, among other, microfinance, renewable energy, environmentally friendly technologies, organic food, social housing, education and health.

Forum ETHIBEL is pleased to announce that the ethical re-investment was fully realized in accordance with the agreement between VDK and Trias, Wereldsolidariteit, Incofin, Broederlijk Delen, Hefboom, Welzijnszorg and FairFin.

Consult the certificate: SpaarPlus savings account.

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