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Title:ETHIBEL Encounter on exclusion criteria
Date of publishing:June 03, 2015
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

ETHIBEL Encounter on exclusion criteria
June 03, 2015

Earlier this year Forum ETHIBEL started the evaluation of the criteria on the basis of which companies can be excluded from the Ethibel Investment Register. Such evaluation is carried out on a regular basis and is necessary in order to optimize the Ethibel methodology and to adapt it to a rapidly changing reality

On the one hand the existing exclusion criteria are examined critically in order to determine whether additional elements should be added.  The feasibility of performing researching on a given criteria is equally evaluated as are the thresholds that were established to determine the level and nature of a company’s involvement. On the other hand, Forum ETHIBEL is developing new exclusion criteria in order to respond to currently pressing issues. These include, among others, landgrabbing, shale gas, tar sands, fossil fuels, non-certified timber and palm oil and food speculation . These elements, which are currently considered in the assessment on an ad hoc basis, will now be moulded into formal guidelines.

Forum ETHIBEL involves other parties in the process and develops an active dialogue with experts from the academic world, business and NGOs, to define these criteria. In this context, a first prospective consultation round, called the ETHIBEL Encounter, was set up late May in order to discuss genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and land grabbing. Similar thematic meetings on other new criteria will follow in the future.

The current exclusion criteria can be consulted on this page. They will be updated during the coming months.