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Title:A new series about resposible investing on Canal Z
Date of publishing:November 18, 2016
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

A new series about resposible investing on Canal Z
November 18, 2016

Isn’t money the source of all misery in the world? Could a bank become ethical? Does an investor automatically contribute towards the chase for profits? This and other similar questions and misunderstandings are addressed in the new series ‘Z-Responsible Invest’ which aired November 11 and will be broadcasted each Friday on Kanaal Z and Canal Z.

Many savers realize that the historically low interest rates will not rise in the near future. One looks for alternatives to maintain the value of its savings. This is a laborious search as there’s a lack of financial knowledge among Belgian citizens. In addition, more people believe that their money should be well-spent. Return is important, but an ethical and durable character is equally crucial.

Savers and investors who believe that their bank and fund manager should invest their money considering human, social, and environmental factors, are unaware how an investment is determined as ‘responsible’. What are the criteria? Who determines these criteria? Z-Responsible Invest provides a clear answer on such questions.

This new series proves that ethical investments are suitable for everyone. The frequently asked questions will be answered by specialists in their domain. The series exists out of 15 episodes.

Z-Responsible Invest has been developed in collaboration with Forum Ethibel, Argenta, BNP Paribas Fortis, Triodos, Van Lanschot, Incofin, and Cera


Click here to watch the first episode (Dutch)

Click here to watch the first episode (French)