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Title:A renewed certificate for Opnieuw & Co
Date of publishing:December 23, 2013
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

A renewed certificate for Opnieuw & Co
December 23, 2013

For 17 years already recycling center Opnieuw & Co has been recycling reusable goods that would otherwise end up in the garbage. This way, it wants to put sustainable development and corporate social responsibility into practice. Alongside reducing waste and stimulating reuse, Opnieuw & Co wants to save energy and resources and create jobs for low-skilled workers and the long-term unemployed. In order to get a clear picture of its social, ecological and societal impact, Opnieuw & Co conducts a social audit on a regular base. Opnieuw & Co’s tenth social audit report covering 2012 was certified by Forum ETHIBEL.

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