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Title:The positive selection criteria
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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The positive selection criteria

The human capital domain is further broken down in seven criteria:

  1. Promotion of social dialogue
  2. Encouragement of participation
  3. Reorganisation policy
  4. Care for individual career planning and professional availability
  5. Quality of remuneration
  6. Improvement of safety, health and prevention
  7. Working hours policy

The environment domain is further broken down in eleven criteria:

  1. Environmental strategy and eco-design
  2. Pollution management (prevention and control)
  3. Development of green products and services
  4. Risk management related to the affection of biodiversity
  5. Sustainable water management
  6. Rational energy consumption
  7. Management of atmospheric emissions
  8. Waste management
  9. Management of local pollution
  10. Impact of transport and distribution
  11. Environmental impact on the ‎overall life cycle of products and services

The market ethics domain is further broken down in nine criteria:

  1. Product safety and safe products
  2. Information to customers
  3. Responsible relation with customers
  4. Cooperation with suppliers in terms of sustainable production
  5. Integration of environmental factors in the production chain
  6. Integration of social themes in the production chain
  7. Prevention of corruption
  8. Prevention of anti-competitive practices
  9. Integrity and transparency in terms of strategy and influencing tactics

The corporate governance domain is further broken down in four criteria:

  1. Balance between powers and effectiveness of the Board of Directors
  2. Audits and control mechanisms
  3. Shareholder rights
  4. Remuneration of top managers

The societal impact domain is further broken down in three criteria:

  1. Contribution to economic and social development of ‎the territories of establishment and their human communities
  2. Social impact of products or services
  3. Contribution to to causes of general ‎interest‎

The human rights domain is further broken down in four criteria:

  1. Respect for the fundamental human rights and safeguarding measures
  2. Respect for the freedom of trade unions and right to collective bargaining
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Exclusion of child labour and forced labour

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