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Title:The societal goals of Opnieuw & C0
Date of publishing:September 23, 2015
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

The societal goals of Opnieuw & C0
September 23, 2015

For 19 years now the reuse centre Opnieuw & Co is active in the recovery of reusable goods. Being a social enterprise its activities do not focus on financial returns, but all the more on the societal return.

Opnieuw & Co strives to be a people-driven, ecological and sustainable enterprise and translated its mission in 6 specific goals: reduce waste, promote reuse, care for the environment, create sustainable employment, create a pleasant working atmosphere and have sound financial management.

In order to get a clear picture of its social, ecological and societal impact, Opnieuw & Co conducts a social audit on a yearly basis. Forum ETHIBEL was appointed to carry out an independent audit of their twelfth social audit report, covering 2014. After verification, we conclude that this report gives a true and fair picture of the realisation of the social objectives of Opnieuw & Co in 2014.

Among others, Opnieuw & Co focused on upscaling with the opening of a new store. It does so to anticipate the declining governmental support in the coming years. The strategy resulted in a raise of the net results by means of which the financial soundness is guaranteed. Moreover, a number of additional jobs were created, workers’ personal development is being monitored more closely than before and there still is clear evidence of a participatory environment resulting from consultations with trade unions and the direct participation of employees.

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