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Title:Funds for Good
Date of publishing:January 25, 2012
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Funds for Good
January 25, 2012

Funds For Good obtained its first certificate for being totally transparent and in line with their engagements, while respecting the principles of good governance.

Funds For Good connects institutional investors with investment managers. Their business model includes an agreement with the Red Cross, to whom we give 50% of our profits for projects managed by them. The Belgian Red Cross is in a continuous action that aims at bringing relief to those who suffer, and prevent humanitarian crises. In every action they undertake, the Red Cross embeds 7 fundamental values: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteering, unity, universality.

Funds For Good supports medium to long term development projects, which demonstrate an objective of prevention, are independent and self sustainable over time. Surprisingly, these projects are the ones with the most difficulties in attracting donors. There is no discrimination in terms of geographical location of the selected projects.

This is an advanced manner to implement social responsible investment. Impact financing offers investors an opportunity to participate in investments with a “double bottom line”: i.e. financial returns combined with a significant social or environmental impact, by donating part of our own corporate revenues to social and environmental projects without impacting investors’ returns. Both the social impact and the financial return are clearly measurable.

During the start-up phase before profitability is reached, Funds For Good engages from the start, to base giving on its direct income: 10% on the first tranche of € 50million invested in the funds presented, then 15% and 20% of the 2 following tranches of € 50 million.

Forum ETHIBEL verified and approved that Funds For Good donations are in line with their engagements, and attest that they are achieved in a responsible manner, with a long term perspective, and towards project in line with the Funds For Good Philanthropic Charter. Read the Certificate to have a better understanding.

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