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Title:ARISTA certificate for Ethibel methodology
Date of publishing:April 10, 2015
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

ARISTA certificate for Ethibel methodology
April 10, 2015

Forum ETHIBEL is delighted to announce that its Ethibel methodology was certified against the voluntary quality standard ARISTA 3.0(1). This certification demonstrates that the research process covered by the Ethibel mythology meets specific requirements in terms of quality, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Beginning 2015 Forum ETHIBEL applied for the first time for the certification of its Ethibel methodology against ARISTA 3.0 quality standard. After a successful audit earlier this year, the Ethibel methodology received a first official ARISTA certificate only recently.

Ethibel is the name of the methodology lying at the basis of the selection process for the composition of the Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Registers. For this process Forum ETHIBEL does not solely rely on its own know-how, but calls upon Vigeo rating agency to provide research on the performances of individual companies in terms of corporate social responsibility. As the methodology applied by Vigeo is equally certified by ARISTA, the complete assessment, leading to the composition of the Investment Registers, meets the requirements of the ARISTA 3.0 quality standard.

The Ethibel products derived from the Investment Registers, that is the Ethibel EXCELLENCE and Ethibel PIONEER label as well as the indices ESI Excellence Global and ESI Excellence Europe, are covered by the certificate.

Consult the certificate and related Transparency Matrix.

Visit the following page for more information on the quality standard:


(1) The ARISTA standaard is owned and managed by the Association for Responsible Investment Services (ARISE)