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Title:All cases
Date of publishing:September 20, 2011
Category:Other content
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All cases

Research assignments

For Eurosif, the European forum aimed at promoting SRI, Forum ETHIBEL set up an audit and certification procedure for its Transparency Code for investment funds.

Febelfin, the Belgian Federation of the financial sector, Forum ETHIBEL asked for advice for the creation and implementation of a road map for the (partial) aspects transparency, audit and inspection of the minimum standard for socially responsible investing (SRI) in Belgium.

For Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten (VVSG) Forum ETHIBEL studied the options to invest the balances resulting from the treasury management of local administrations (municipalities and OCMWs) according to the SRI principles.

POD DO, the Programmatory Federal Government Department for Sustainable Development gave Forum ETHIBEL an evaluation assignment with regard to two existing SRI legislations with regard to the transparency duty in the context of supplementary pensions and collective investment institutions.

For Belsif, the Belgian Forum for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing, Forum ETHIBEL prepared a perception and needs investigation, and a learning investigation with regard to obstacles of positioning sustainable and socially responsible investment products on the Belgian market.

Forum ETHIBEL was the founder of the ARISTA standard, a SRI quality standard of ARISE, the Association for Responsible Investment Services (the former AI CSRR). This standard is developed in cooperation with different European partners and is therefore not identical to the Forum ETHIBEL specifications.

The King Baudouin Foundation selected Forum ETHIBEL for the implementation of the investigation “Les Consommateurs ont la parole – Consumenten aan het woord (Consumers take the floor)”. The setup of the investigation was to get an idea about the motives of ethical investors and their satisfaction about the available products.


Methodological advice and social-ethical revision

Forum ETHIBEL is sometimes involved in so-called ‘social audits’ of some national and international companies (for example, The Body Shop plc and Opnieuw & Co). A social audit is a process whereby a specific dialogue is initiated between a company and the stakeholders. This dialogue tests to what extent a company is accomplishing its mission and meeting the expectations of its ‘shareholders’.

Forum ETHIBEL has cooperated in the creation of self-evaluation tools to measure the performance of SMEs in terms of corporate social responsibility: Albatros, CSR Review, Socratest.

For the Social Economy Cell of the Progammatory Federal Government Department (POD) Social Integration, Forum ETHIBEL conducted an information campaign with regard to the Belgian Social Label. A detailed “Manual to apply for a Belgian Social Label” was also prepared at that time.

For ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) Forum ETHIBEL investigated the SRI content of the treasury portfolio. A Sustainable Entrepreneurship valuation system was also set up for ARKimedes.

For the King Baudouin Foundation a feasibility study with regard to a “Fair Water Label” was implemented.



Forum ETHIBEL is also sporadically addressed with regard to judging assignments.

This is the case, for example, with the ‘Leeuw van de Export’ (The Lion of Export), which is awarded annually by Flanders Investment & Trade. The Flemish Agency for International Entrepreneurship wants to promote companies with a leading performance in terms of export. Aspects with regard to sustainable and ethical international entrepreneurship (DEIO) are taken into account.

We made a significant contribution to Solidaritest®, the annual contest which measures and rewards the quality of social and humanitarian efforts of companies. We cooperated in setting up quality standards and are still part of the jury every year to assess candidates.

The Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report rewards companies and other entities which, besides their financial-economic information, also report in a transparent manner about their social welfare aspects and their impact on the environment. This award is organised by the Institute of Auditors, Business & Society Belgium and KAURI. Forum ETHIBEL contributes to the initiative as a member of the jury.

Forum ETHIBEL contributed its know-how to the Vlerick Angels Acknowledgement Award (from 2006 to 2008) as a member of the jury. The award was an initiative of Vlerick Angels, a group of students from the Vlerick Masters, which select a small-scale school project every year for which to collect funds.


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