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Title:Responsible banking
Date of publishing:August 27, 2013
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Responsible banking
August 27, 2013

As in 2012, Van Lanschot has received an Ethibel certificate this year. With this certificate, Forum ETHIBEL confirms that Van Lanschot fosters a responsible policy with regards to its entrusted funds, both in theory and practice.  The certificate applies to the accounting year 2012.

Forum ETHIBEL notes that Van Lanschot has made thorough and structural efforts to strengthen the organization of its responsible banking policy. Appreciation also goes out to the depth and detail of the public reporting about the (achieved or unachieved) results with respect to the stated objectives. Forum ETHIBEL considers this to be an excellent result for a second audit year.

A novelty this year is that subsidiary Kempen Capital Management (KCM) has also signed up for a certification. KCM is a specialized investment bank and asset manager, responsible for the investment and asset management of Van Lanschot. Forum ETHIBEL has been charged with the independent monitoring of its compliance with Van Lanschot’s principles and guidelines on responsible investments. As for the responsible banking policy of Van Lanschot, Forum ETHIBEL considers the relation between the objectives and their concretization to be consistent: Van Lanschot and Kempen Capital Management put their responsible investment policies effectively into practice and provide the necessary monitoring and reporting in accordance with their own guidelines and principles.

Read the Certificate of Van Lanschot here (in Dutch).

Read the Certificate of Kempen Capital Management here (in Dutch).

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