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Title:Forum ETHIBEL in the press
Date of publishing:May 24, 2013
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Forum ETHIBEL in the press
May 24, 2013

Forum ETHIBEL has recently been picked up by some organizations as expert by personal experience in the field of responsible investing.

In Magazine, the quarterly magazine of the secular humanist community, an interview with Herwig Peeters, director of Forum ETHIBEL appeared. The article is part of a special issue on the role of money in education and society, alternative spending patterns, Islamic banking and ethical banking. Herwig Peeters explains what ethical banking exactly means and how you can save and invest sustainably by yourself.



Oikocredit, sustainable lender for poor or deprived but enterprising groups in developing countries, publishes in its April issue of Info Oiko a conversation between the directors of ETHIBEL and Oikocredit. Bert Van Thienen interviews Herwig Peeters on the importance of Oikocredit, the content of sustainable and ethical investment, the need for quality and transparency in this regard, the investment policy of Oikocredit and the growing success of sustainable finance in times of crisis.