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Title:New B
Date of publishing:March 26, 2013
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

New B
March 26, 2013

New B, the initiative for the creation of a new Belgian cooperative bank, rapidly books progress. A try-out about a week ago and an official press conference last Sunday, March 24: New B didn’t need any more to realize its initial objective - attracting 10,000 cooperants. In the course of Tuesday, March 26, the cape was already rounded .

New B wants to be a new bank, stripped of the complexity of the current banking system; a clear, transparent and simple bank where the active participation of the cooperant, the citizens and the  organizations is central; a trustworthy bank that redefines the position of money in our society by investing in the real economy and by offering  fair products and services.

New B is already supported by dozens of civil society organizations including Greenpeace, 11.11.11, de Gezinsbond, Vredeseilanden, Oxfam, Les Scouts, Bond Beter Leefmilieu and several unions. And thus meanwhile by more than 10,000 cooperants. This is important to gain enough self-confidence and persuasiveness on the investors market; New B will indeed need to attract 6.2 million euros, the minimum capital for the establishment of a new bank. The promotion campaign of New B wil continue until the end of June.

To consult more information or to sign up as a cooperant, you can visit