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Title:Collaboration between Forum ETHIBEL and Oever
Date of publishing:January 14, 2013
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Collaboration between Forum ETHIBEL and Oever
January 14, 2013

About two decades ago, Oever (Committee on Ethical Asset Management), needed a reliable ally for providing services on ethical asset management to congregations and other interested persons and organizations from the Christian community. It sought and found a loyal and competent partner in Forum ETHIBEL.

Oever was created in 1992 when some congregations realized that they were in a difficult position: on the one hand, they owned a lot of financial and material resources; on the other hand they fought against injustice and structural inequality between people. The question was: "how can one contribute to the achievement of a Christian-inspired worldview with money and assets?". A partnership of congregations, driven by their evangelical inspiration and seeking for more ethical asset management methodologies, saw the light.

In the beginning, Forum ETHIBEL mainly analysed saving and investment products on their ethical character and provided information about the emitters and the destination of the funds. Additionally, Forum ETHIBEL also delivered financial and technical information and company profiles on the companies that were present in the ethical portfolios. Since the beginning, the Ethibel investment registers applied as the main source of information.

Forum ETHIBEL consistently acted and acts as an independent advisor and information provider; it does not dictate one single interpretation of the term 'ethics' (like it does for its own research based on its own criteria relating to the Ethibel labels). The advice of Forum ETHIBEL does not imply any final decisions or advice, on the contrary: Forum ETHIBEL addresses a wide range of ethical issues that provides the members of Oever with sufficient information to make investment decisions based on their own criteria or precepts.

In recent years, the focus shifted to the delivery of articles on socially responsible, sustainable and ethical investing. These articles are fit in the private Newsletter, which is the main communication medium between the Oever committee and its members. Today, we can look back on over 15 quarterly publications and a rich history of diverse topics, ranging from the financial crisis and the Fortis bankruptcy in 2008, over the growth of sustainable investment, the oil spill from BP, the Millennium Development Goals and the demise of Goldman Sachs, to the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms and the Indignados phenomenon.

The Oever Newsletter helps its readers to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of Socially Responsible Investment and the activities of Forum ETHIBEL. It assists the congregations in picking up their role as major stakeholders and promoters of ethical-sustainable investments in Belgium. The collaboration with Oever is also a concrete translation of the wish of Forum ETHIBEL to profile itself as a networking organisation that continuously monitors its social commitment.