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Title:Ethibel certificate for Van Lanschot Bankiers
Date of publishing:December 11, 2012
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Ethibel certificate for Van Lanschot Bankiers
December 11, 2012

Forum ETHIBEL has granted the Ethibel certificate to Van Lanschot Bankiers for the full year 2011. The certificate merits attention because it offers the guarantee that Van Lanschot, since 2011, has invested its full bank balance only in sustainable lending and reinvestments. Today, this can still be considered as an exception in banking environments. After Ethias Bank, which has been acquired by Optima requiring the new entity to be further investigated , Van Lanschot is the only financial institution in our country with such recognition.

The investment policy of Van Lanschot is based on 59 screening criteria, including positive selection with respect to human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption and negative selection with respect to tobacco, animal maltreatment, nuclear energy and pornography. Before making the decision to divest or to exclude a company, Van Lanschot tries to achieve change through active shareholder engagement.

The investment policy of Van Lanschot is assured by thorough training and guidance programmes for the involved bankers and risk managers. Reinvestments in or lending to sensitive sectors are avoided. Instead, priority is given to investments in the medical sector, in commercial real estate and in "business professionals", as well as in small and medium enterprises.

Based on this commitment and on the strict control of Forum ETHIBEL, we declare that 89% of the inflow and destination of the balance sheet is in accordance with the codes and guidelines about responsible investing that Van Lanschot Bankiers imposes on itself. 10% is the object of an engagement commitment and about 1% will be further deepened by Van Lanschot in the course of 2012.

These results are excellent for a first certification round. The qualitative submission of a full bank’s balance to sustainable criteria is an ambitious project that requires courage and audacity. With its Ethibel certificate, Van Lanschot proves however it is feasible.

The certificate can be consulted here.