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Title:Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report - Edition 2012
Date of publishing:December 10, 2012
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report - Edition 2012
December 10, 2012

For the fourteenth time in row, the Institute of Registered  Auditors, the business network for CSR Business & Society Belgium and the multi-stakeholder network Kauri have organised the Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report.

The award recognises and encourages organisations to report transparently on their activities on sustainable development and to provide guidelines to set out best practice in this regard.

Herwig Peeters, Director of Forum ETHIBEL was again member of  the jury.

We congratulate the finalists: Delhaize Group as a large company, Cap Conseil as SME and Vredeseilanden as ‘other organisation’. But the winners of the Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report 2012 are proclaimed: Umicore in the category 'large enterprises', Bopro among the SMEs and Port of Antwerp in the category 'other organisations'.

This year’s competition reflected some clear trends and findings:

  • More and more companies are opting for integrated sustainability reporting, suggesting that financial and non-financial (social and environmental) issues are increasingly integrated into the strategies of the organisations;
  • An increasing interconnection of social, environmental and economic aspects in the minds of investors, customers, suppliers and governments, makes CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) increasingly involved in the management of the sustainability activities of an organisation;
  • Sustainable development is important for any entity, regardless of its size and the sector in which it operates (see the variety of organisations that took part in the competition). Within the academic world, sustainability reporting is clearly advancing.
  • The success of a sustainability report is not based on the visual aspects of the report (e.g. an impressive interactive graphical layout), but on the readability of the report and on the clarity and relevance of the information;
  • Companies make increasingly use of external control on their sustainability reporting. In this regard it is important to ensure a high quality certification and a clear communication about the audit activities to clarify to stakeholders what the verification exactly means.

All information about the Award can be consulted on the website: