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Title:Solid'R draws the card of the re-use
Date of publishing:November 26, 2012
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, French

Solid'R draws the card of the re-use
November 26, 2012


RESsources asbl, the network of Belgian companies active in the recycling, collection and sale of used materials in the social economy, has again appealed to Forum ETHIBEL for the independent verification of the compliance with its ethical label Solid'R.

The objective of Solid'R is to separate the wheat from the chaff in the market of reuse: the label allows to distinguish the organisations that voluntarily respect  principles of ethics and solidarity and that allow independent control from pseudo-humanitarian operators.

Ten organizations were examined: Ressourcerie Le Carré, Centre d'Entraide Jette, De Bouche à Oreille, La Fol'Fouille Ressourcerie (l'Eglantier), Les Petits Riens, Oxfam Magasins du Monde, Oxfam Solidarité, La Poudrière, Salvatoriaanse Hulpactie and Terre. For CEJ, Le Carré and La Fol’Fouille it was a first experience with a social-ethical audit.

The Solid'R charter includes codes of ethics and technical rules that allow for a clear picture of the specificity and transparency of the companies concerned. The ethical criteria are the following:

  1. Servitude towards the community takes precedence over profit, the individual and his work take priority over capital
  2. The independent management of the company is ensured; the public sector cannot predominate in the General Assembly
  3. The tension between the highest and lowest gross salary remains limited and is continuously monitored
  4. The social and fiscal legislation and the collective bargaining agreements are respected
  5. There is a pluralistic vision on different political, religious and philosophical beliefs
  6. There is a democratic decision-making process and active employee participation is encouraged
  7. The members of the label are committed to cooperation and coordination rather than competition.

Moreover the labeled organizations endorse the code of ethics of the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (Code de Déontologie de l’Association pour une Ethique dans les Récoltes de Fonds) and more specifically the guidelines regarding financial transparency and collection.

The ten organizations provided maximal insight in their annual reports, membership lists, personnel records, organizational structures and financial reporting for the year 2011. The audit revealed that all panelists meet the requirements of the Solid’R charter regarding their ethical principles, financial reporting and transparency.

Consult the declarations of certification here.